Good integration is very important for professionals and their families. Studies have shown that potential problems can already arise after a few months. Generally, these problems will be of a social nature, and may involve a partner who simply cannot adapt to the new country, significant cultural differences, or difficulty connecting with colleagues. Expat Professionals is an active participant in various expat communities and can introduce professionals and their families to these communities. We will make sure that the professionals are given the warm welcome they deserve, so that they can focus entirely on the job and employer that they came here for. This significantly reduces the risk of employee turnover, discontinuity and sickness absence.

Drafting a recruitment profile

Step 1

After an extensive intake session, Expat Professionals will draw up a recruitment profile, before sending it to the client for approval.

Start of recruitment

Step 2

Once the recruitment profile has been approved, Expat Professionals will start looking for suitable candidates, using various resources, such as local recruiters, social media and regular media, and searches in our own database and external recruitment sources. We schedule phone interviews (e.g. via Skype) with potential candidates.


Step 3

Based on the interviews with potential candidates, we draw up a shortlist, containing the most suitable candidates.

First interviews

Step 4

If the client decides they would like to meet one or more candidates themselves, we schedule another Skype interview. Any follow-up interviews will take place the same way. If both parties are positive about the interviews, the client can decide to make an offer.

Finalizing the process

Step 5

If both parties are interested in an agreement, the candidate will come to the Netherlands to finalize the process. Expat Professionals will support and facilitate this entire process in consultation with both parties.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.