Serving as the human connection, Expat Professionals will find a perfect match for Dutch companies looking for foreign professionals.

First interview

Step 1

After submitting your application, your CV will be assessed by one of our consultants. If you meet the requirements, we will schedule an appointment with you for a Skype or WhatsApp interview. In the interview, we will ask you about your personality, background, education and work experience.

Expat Professionals Method Step 1

Drafting a profile

Step 2

After this interview, we will draft a profile for you, before sending it to you for approval. If you approve, we will show your CV and profile to clients with vacancies that match your profile.

Finalizing the process

Step 3

If our client is positive about you, we will also schedule a Skype interview between you and our client. If both parties are satisfied, a third interview usually follows to finalize the process.

Coming to the Netherlands

Step 4

As soon as you have been hired, our partner BlueStone will contact you to inform you which documents you will need for your visa application. BlueStone will stay by your side during the entire process, helping you submit your application to the Dutch consulate and the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). After the application process has been finalized and the INS has approved your visa, it is time to start getting ready to travel to the Netherlands. We will pick you and your family up from the airport and ensure that you are assisted in the registration process for your municipality and other authorities. Our partners will be in touch with you to discuss your accommodation and insurance options.

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