The human connection

In order to grow and develop, it is essential that companies have the right people in the right positions. Naturally, this means you want to have access to professionals with the right skills & qualifications to bring every project or job to a satisfactory conclusion at all times. Sometimes, this requires looking beyond the Netherlands, especially if you need highly education IT and Engineering professionals. In that case, Expat Professionals has the solution. We specialize in matching foreign IT and Engineering experts with Dutch companies.

Serving as the human connection, Expat Professionals will find a perfect match for Dutch companies looking for foreign professionals.

local recruitment, optimal support

Expat Professionals is the premier expert when it comes to sourcing IT and Engineering specialists abroad and bringing them to the Netherlands. Although this process and this service are hardly new, we are truly unique in this booming economy in that we engage in local recruitment and provide optimum support to our highly skilled migrants, even after they start working at your organization.

Inspired by ‘connection‘, which is one of our core values, we support these professionals from the moment we first meet until they start working. Ensuring that your foreign professionals are given a warm welcome can be a challenging process, consisting of several aspects, such as the process of obtaining the required permits, finding suitable accommodation and helping them find their bearings in their new country. Aside from being a referrer for the Dutch Immigration & Naturalisation Service, we have partnered up closely with the right parties to make these processes run as smoothly as possible.

Making life easier for highly skilled migrants

Naturally, we never forget about the partners and families who make the move as well. Our own surveys among clients and migrants have shown that most problems, especially social problems, will primarily arise within a few months after arriving in the country. This can come down to adjusting to a new country, cultural aspects, or an unhappy situation at home. Because we are activate participants in various expat communities, we can introduce both professionals and their partners to others in these communities.

By making highly skilled migrants’ lives easier in as many ways as possible, we can make sure that they can focus entirely on the job and employer that they came here for. This can help significantly reduce the risk of employee turnover, discontinuity and sickness absence.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.