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Emigrate or Not to Emigrate…

Life abroad
Every person, thinking of emigrating abroad, asks a question: "Emigrate or Not to Emigrate?"     I appreciate a pragmatic approach towards immigration. You should think if you have enough money for the first couple of months, if the country you emigrate to has rather immigrant-friendly laws, what will be  the goal of your stay, who you see yourself

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Why You Don’t Need a Native to Master the Language

Why You Don't Need a Native to Master the Language   Bullshit. You are not supposed to unless your level is high enough to quickly adjust to the accent, the pace of speech and to handle the slang words of the native speaker. If you are an advanced learner, of course, you should try. When I learned

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6 Mistakes to Avoid While Emigrating

Life abroad
  If you are currently thinking of leaving home, friends, family, your university, you boss, your cat or dog, your flowers on windowsills, your favourite chair… even more… family dinners, your boyfriend, the sound of the morning street of your home town, the Russian “devushka, peredajte za projezd” or American “grab sandwiches, honey!” you should

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