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margo expat professionals

I have discovered my passion of travelling when I first left my home and started my studies abroad. I have chosen Poland as my first destination. I studied international relations, but have found that it was not after my heart. I had thought that being a diplomat would give me a chance to spend my life in different countries with influencial people, living at the crossroads of cultures. It happened to be different in reality.

Having discovered that politics was not what I expected it to be, I pivoted my career. But I decided to develop it in line with my passion. I know lots of people can not decided what to do in life right after defending their PhD. Nothing bad, life is a search. Every business develops rapidly if the owner knows how to adjust to changing trends. If something does not work – quit it and do what brings satisfaction.

I have always thought of changing places, getting to know professionals and experts, sharing oppinions and bridging cultural differences. I have decided to create this blog to share my expirience of living abroad and chosing a career path. I want to prove that no matter where we all live, we always can use what we are good at, namely skills, passion and creativity. Being in a community of talented people, exchanging expieriences, learning all the time – that is what makes us professionals – not a dozen of certificates and praise.

I have had different hobbies and interests from painting to learning languages. But I have noticed there is something common among them: I have always adored teaching, explaining, getting into details. I have decided to use my main advantage – language skills to share with the world and pass the knowledge to next generations.

When I moved away from my family, being alone in a big city slowly I have started adjusting to situations. I think all people who have emigrated, catch everyting around quicker than natives. This skill takes time to develop, but it is indespansable in a globalising world. Adjusting to changing trends is another passion that I have.M ypassion is  growth hacking, new media and creative writing and I agree with those people who predict that our lives will literally move in the web – our reality will become virtual.

I also believe that the  influencers of tommorow will have to bridge artificial with true and authentic. Future is unpredictable, but it is we who are going to perform it.

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