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how to start a successful life abroad

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6 Ideas to Change Your Life Right Now

I have heard a lot from my friends and relatives that they are all bored from routine and would like to change something in their lives. Unfortunately, they do not know how to start. Let's be honest, guys! It depends on you if you make your dreams come true and if you make every day unique. There

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Language Schools Keep Secret These 5 Things

So why are language schools so bad? The first thing you should remember - 1. THE BIGGER THE SCHOOL IS, THE LESS IT CARES ABOUT CLIENTS' SATISFACTION and more about its financial state. We could compare a language school to a big shop. Who cares that you do not like long queues at cash desks? Anyway you

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Success in Life: Can it be Planned?

Everyone sets some targets that deal with financial aspects, family life, education, health and beauty but just the most determined people achieve the goals. What is the problem with goal achievement and why planning success is not that easy at all? What does actually go wrong? I thought a little bit about my life and

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