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expats in Europe

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6 Ideas to Change Your Life Right Now

I have heard a lot from my friends and relatives that they are all bored from routine and would like to change something in their lives. Unfortunately, they do not know how to start. Let's be honest, guys! It depends on you if you make your dreams come true and if you make every day unique. There

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7 Great Tips of Polyglots

When you go abroad for work or study you will need to know the national language of the country you visit at least on the basic level. Sometimes English is not sufficient and you will need to use Hungarian while paying at a Hungarian grocery or German while buying a German pretzel. Recently I was surprised

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Emigrate or Not to Emigrate…

Life abroad
Every person, thinking of emigrating abroad, asks a question: "Emigrate or Not to Emigrate?"     I appreciate a pragmatic approach towards immigration. You should think if you have enough money for the first couple of months, if the country you emigrate to has rather immigrant-friendly laws, what will be  the goal of your stay, who you see yourself

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