Everyone sets some targets that deal with financial aspects, family life, education, health and beauty but just the most determined people achieve the goals. What is the problem with goal achievement and why planning success is not that easy at all? What does actually go wrong?

I thought a little bit about my life and my success and would like to share my four pieces of reflection and hope it will help you in your life.

#1 I achieved only the most desired goals

The goals that I wanted badly. I had to lose weight, because I did not like my reflection in the mirror and it disturbed me in the past. I wanted to win the writing competition, because I was very passionate about writing. I wanted to collect some money to pay for my tuition fees, because my dream was to get education abroad…

#2 Being systematic is key

I could say I can run 5 km in 20 minutes. Unfortunately, I usually cover it in 30. So I should run very quickly. If I start in a very quick tempo in the beginning I will get tired quickly and stop on 10th minute. Being systematic means to do the thing that will bring you to your goal on a regular basis. Your YouTube videos suck, they look unprofessional, but you will do it day by day and will get better and better. You weigh a lot, but if you are systematic and do not give up as majority of people on a diet do, you will finally become skinnier.

#3 Never sharing your plans

 Opinions differ on it, but personally, I believe people should better keep their goals in their minds and should not share it with colleagues, closest friends, family… If you share it everyone would say: “Great! You are a man of success. That is wonderful!” You will experience the feeling of success before you gain it. Maybe better would be to surprise people with some changes…

#4 To imagine success clearly is integral

When I plan something I always try to imagine the slightest details. It means that less things can get out of my control. And when it comes to setting goals I try to state why I need this goal, how my end effect will look like, what are the advantages I get in the end, how my achieved goal feels like, smells, looks like and so on. If you plan to set your successful business in the future, imagine what exactly you want to do, what risks you can come upon, how you can react, think if it is worth it, what steps you should take even right now to be closer and in which way your life become better if everything works like a dream.  


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