Every person, thinking of emigrating abroad, asks a question: “Emigrate or Not to Emigrate?”  


I appreciate a pragmatic approach towards immigration. You should think if you have enough money for the first couple of months, if the country you emigrate to has rather immigrant-friendly laws, what will be  the goal of your stay, who you see yourself abroad in 1,3 and  5 years.


The more you own at home, the more you have to lose. I do not wonder why people from developing countries that have their business set do not wish to go abroad for a long period of time. It will take them a lot of time, effort and money to set something similar abroad leaving a running business at home.


But if you consider emigrating seriously and the positive aspects of staying at home do not overweigh negative , there is nothing wrong with trying.


I emigrated from the country before the crisis emerged. My goal was to get education in Central Europe and have better employment chances than my compatriots.


The only good university with the faculty of international relations at home was highly corrupted. With the income my family had I owned no chances to develop in Ukraine.


Possibly if I stayed I still would rent the flat in the capital or would commute to the city every day 2 hours in one side. Salaries in my country were not high and unless you have some highly possitioned relatives in Ukraine, it would be really hard to find a good work with future perspectives.


My friends had to distrubute leaflets of the local bank for several months for free to have a chance to work later for just 200 dollars per month. I did not like the society that I remember as primitive and of low culture, very impolite. I was fed up with losing money and cellphones in the public transport cause someone used to steal it from me.


So I decided to go to Poland, a neighboring country. Poland is quite cheap, closely located to Ukraine and people there speak a Slavic language. In addition, Poles have similarities with Ukrainians when it comes to traditions and habits. It suited me.


I thought if I did not like Poland I would go to Germany later. I decided to study in English, not in Polish. The later one I knew for several months only.


English faculties were expensive for my family, but the whole family devided the costs and sent me abroad to study in the National University of Warsaw (the best one in Poland according to the rankings 4 years ago). In Poland having studies in English automatically makes you more competitive on the labour market.


In fact, I did not have a lot to lose. To be honest I even did not have lots of friends in Ukraine. I felt homesick, because I missed my family and pets. But later all this changed tremendeously.


I was very motivated to make progress in life, get out from a village where I used to live and become a Person. I studied hard and was very determined, following the path i designated… the only one path, the shortest that would lead to my success in life.


I later on charged for my service in recruitment to the university of other guys wishing to emigrate. I have noticed they did not want to choose the universities, where there were high requirements for applicants. They rather had bad marks and not motivated to study, chose shitty universities.


I stayed in contact with a girl I helped. But I had to cut the contact with her. We had very different paths. Being unable to find a part time job even, speaking bad Polish she thought she needs a sponsor to pay for her stay abroad.


That time our currency devaluated significantly and her mother could not provide for the daughter. She desperately thought of providing some rich guys with extra private service and get a “good life”. This significantly differed from my life phylosphy so I decided to distance myself.


Do not wonder if you meet such people abroad. They are desperate. But it is the last resort unless a person has some skills to use, some talents to impress to make for a living. It is sad that those who do not clearly see their goals, who deviate right and left from the direct path, decide to leave the Motherland. Probably they would feel better and have more perspectives at home. So think of your determination. Are you strong enough to overcome the dificulties and stay yourself?Are you strong enough to overcome the dificulties and stay yourself? 


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