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I think a lot of people dream of sandy Greek beaches in summer. And when it’s getting a bit boring, you long to feel cold Swedish wind and refresh your mind. What do you need to travel all over the world? As far as you think over the way to earn money, you could emigrate. If you are really smart, you create a scalable business – an application, business online, courses online etc., you might earn money while sleeping. In the worst case you could enjoy changing sceneries knowing that tomorrow you are be able to pay the bills.


Believe me or not – it is possible! I have tried it out. Even though I can not show you my passive income, still I am pretty sure I can travel and work in any part of the world. I left my country a couple years ago. Now I can support myself on my own and that is why I can do it now…

Majority of people pin their hopes on “better life” when they plan their escape from their poor Homeland to a better-off country. Be pragmatic! Stop dreaming too much… Come down to work to think over the plan.

I think everyone can do something in life. I do not know which passion you have, but you can find a way how to earn on it.

When I first came to Poland, I worked in the restaurant that was creepy from the backstage. I would vomit now just sitting there and eating that food.

Working as a waiter, barman, cleaner is low-paid, but majority of emigrants start like this, doing what they have never dreamt of and have never been educated for. It is low-paid, discouraging, sometimes very stressful. Are you moving abroad to work at a low-paid job? The answer is obvious.

I will tell you how I found the way out.

I am teaching several languages. Being a part-time tutor I am earning money as a full-time executive director of a small company in Poland.

I was lucky to meet a friend who made me believe in what I am really worth. And he showed me the portals where I could place my offer. I started small, but after half a year I increased the price for consulting and speaking classes. I have never worked at a language school. It is always better to manage time and money on your own. I understood it the right time- in the very beginning.

Learning languages is something that I liked all the time. I still have a photo of a small Margo, a tiny child holding an English dictionary. My mother told me I had destroyed it completely, torn it… But whatever. Later I discovered the desire to learn more than one language. Growing up in a bilingual family (Russian-Ukranian) I was lucky. Though no one wants to learn Ukrainian, the demand for Russian tutors is quite high.

You may say you do not have a talent for teaching. And you might be right. But I know everything can be learnt. I also did not know how to behave, how to start. But it is amazing how fast I learnt something other learn for years at colleges. And I am proud of this fact!

Next time you say you do not have any skills, you won’t find any work abroad, you will be cheating! There is always a way out. And there is a place for your passion to help you out… You have something – your native language and your personality. Use it wisely!

Are you following your passion? What was your first-entry job?


Yours, Margo

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