I have heard a lot from my friends and relatives that they are all bored from routine and would like to change something in their lives. Unfortunately, they do not know how to start. Let’s be honest, guys! It depends on you if you make your dreams come true and if you make every day unique. There is proverb: “Every man is an architect of his own fortune”. Some think everything comes easily. Probably only in Hollywood movies. Maybe that is the reason why they get so popular. Here are 6 Ideas to Change Your Life Right Now!

I have noticed that everything I can brag about now has come with a reason. It has come thanks to my determination and a desire to overcome fear, shyness or laziness. I was afraid going abroad on a low budget for the first time, but I agreed to go to France with my friend and try out Couchsurfing and BlaBlaCar. Now it seems to be so clear and easy, but for those who have not tried it may seem difficult. I have learned a lesson: once you do it, it is no longer a mystery. Moreover, I have something to tell when I meet with my friends. Your experience is your capital – no one will take it away. Experience is something that stays forever!

You would agree that it requires no effort to eat the same type of cheese and bread every day, talk to your old friends, come to your office greeting people you’ve been working with for the last five or more years. That is just an example, but I hope you understand what I have on my mind.

I am convinced that majority of people do not want to change their life, because they let fear govern them. Why are people afraid of death? Because they do not know what awaits them when their heart stops beating. It is normal. But… Do not let fear govern you!

I have noticed that it takes so little to introduce something new in life. I have some tips that may help!

  1. If you always go to the same coffee shop, change it today.
  2. If you are afraid to talk to new people, just try to do it once. You will see new friendship may change your life completely, help you  find a job or will become your business partners. I think friends is the biggest capital we all can acquire. That is why it is worth making networking your habit.
  3. Experiment! Have you tried yoga, break dance, mountaineering, eating worms? That would be the best way to change your daily routines.
  4. Follow your dreams – act today! Is your dream to study or live abroad? Now it is high time to make your dreams come true! Not tomorrow, not in a month, but now! Try, because it is the only way to succeed. No attempts – no success!
  5. Ask yourself a question – have you been effective. If not, why? Maybe you have been writing your essays or typing on FB all the time or watched TV series on weekends – basically, something you always do… Do something completely different – go skating or swimming.
  6. Change your travel habits. Do not book a hotel – that is so boring! Try out Couchsurfing or BlaBlaCar, Uber… Do not want to travel – host people in your house! Because today they are strangers, but tomorrow – your friends. Get down to work and follow your passion and dreams! Do not stuck in a rut! Life is too short to do boring things! Think it over! Would you try something new today? Share in the comments below.

Your, LaVie

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