Why You Don’t Need a Native to Master the Language



Bullshit. You are not supposed to unless your level is high enough to quickly adjust to the accent, the pace of speech and to handle the slang words of the native speaker.

If you are an advanced learner, of course, you should try. When I learned English I had an opportunity to talk with my peers at the university who were American and I should say it was a wonderful experience. But what is the point of paying the native money for teaching you the accent??

Accent comes with years and the native will not change it unless you have been leaving in the country and used to speak all the day round in the language you are currently learning. On your below-advanced level you should find a person who knows what mistakes people from your country usually make. Even better to find a teacher from your country cause he or she has gone through all the difficulties and can help you with the hidden obstacles.

Having lectures with a native speaker is a waste of time and money. You need a result that only professionals can provide you with not studs looking for some money on the road abroad.

Some countries, such as UK, France have created institutions that promote the languages. I mean British COuncil and Institute Francais to mention the few. They stay in a close contact with diplomatic units of the country they come from. They provide the dissemination of culture and  language of the country abroad so that in the long term it has a positive image of the country abroad.

I should confess I used to go to such an institution to learn the languages. My mother paid a big amount of money for the semester of studies in such a school to provide the child (me) with the best teachers – native speakers. For a family in a developing country it is very important to give their children good education so that in the future they have better chances to find a good job and earn more money than their parents do. So to give away over 50% of the month earnings for the semester cost in British Council was a good investment of my mother in me, especially because I was very enthusiastic about it and wanted to improve the language I adored – English.

After several lessons I found out that there was nothing special about the school. Native speakers came and just talked, not mentioning grammar that much – 15 minutes to cover grammatic structures sufficed. Sometimes they had some doubts what is correct and what is not. The language they sucked with the milk of the mother provided them with money and influence, but did not provide them with thinking of working hard and put some effort in what they do. They did not have any good methods for us to learn better – they were average. Moreover, they have never learned English and they could not help the student to avoid frequently made mistakes. Private native speakers who earn by teaching and take more money for being native will be the same. They think it is enough to talk. Unfortunately, it is not.

If you live in a student city you will find it easy to find a native for free if you need him on student groups on FB. He might be an exchange student who came to your country and may need some help with the local language. You will help him and he will help you. Skills exchange for free is much better than buying “?” and then regret. So think thoroughly once you decide to hire a tutor who is a native speaker. Probably you do not need him. 


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